Save useful time by writing presentations with Orgmode and Beamer class

I just wanted to share my happiness about a new workflow for writing presentations. I couldn’t believe how quick I got useful slides by writing my notes with Emacs’ Orgmode. So, here it is:

  1. Do some research or brainstorming or whatever and take notes with Orgmode
  2. Do a little cleanup on the structure of your notes so that you get a useful structure of your slides
  3. Export your notes with the LaTeX Beamer class
    • You may have to append the defintion for beamer class to org-export-latex-classes. Here is my definition.

That’s it! This means you don’t waste any time with creating your slides and you can concentrate 100% on the content. I’m sure that’s (even more) faster than writing pure LaTeX and faster, nicer, … than [Open|Libre]Office/PPT anyway. Don’t know what to do with the whole time, but thanks Orgmode! :)

Further reading:

P.S.: Yeah, two posts below this one, I wrote about Vim – just don’t care ;)

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