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Basic Emacs-keybindings for LibreOffice Writer

Although I try to avoid to use word processors like LibreOffice Writer, sometimes - mainly for collaboration purposes - I have to fall back on them. And in such hard times I want to have at least some useful keybindings. Because I couldn’t find any downloads that provide Emacs bindings for OpenOffice/LibreOffice Writer I configured the basic bindings which you can download here.

Currently supported/implemented bindings are:

Binding Function
C-f forward-char
C-b backward-char
C-n next-line
C-p previous-line
M-f forward-word
M-b backward-word
C-v next page
M-v previous page
C-a beginning-of-line
C-e end-of-line
C-k kill-line
M-d kill-word
M-backspace backward-kill-word

To load the archive go to Tools → Customize → Keyboard → Load…

Maybe the supported bindings grow from time to time. But as a starting point these are my personally most often used basic keybindings.

Feel free to add your own ones and let me know it.

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